About Us

Trigger Technology Systems is a full service provider of point of sale, digital surveillance and payment processing assistance to the hospitality and retail industries.  A leader for Restaurant and Bar POS systems. We are dedicated to our customers by providing the best product and best support in our community.  Trigger Technology Systems specializes in POS systems for multi-store, quick service, table triggerfpostalon180service, brewery, bars, night clubs, inventory control and mobile POS systems.  We offer complete POS solutions that include On Line Ordering, Gift, Loyalty, Customer Marketing and Enterprise Solutions.

Trigger Technology Systems provides a variety of products and partners that support the management of business processes and human resources throughout the hospitality industry. Our Point of Sale computer system allows your sales people to concentrate on the customer. Built-in features such as customer databases, employee timekeeping and ingredient tracking, place a wealth of the information at your fingertips.

With over 100 combined years in the hospitality industry – both operations and technical – Trigger Technology Systems is your partner for increased success, profitability, cash flow and asset management.  Let us show you how Trigger can help you put more cash in your pocket while growing and protecting your business and assets – simply fill in our contact form, email or call!