Avero is the leading provider of web and mobile business analytics tools for the hospitality industry. Our restaurant software helps restaurateurs and finance operators increase revenues, drive profits, improve guest experience, and outperform the competition. Averoprocesses over $18 billion in F&B transactions annually and has over 20,000 users in 47 countries, including many of the most renowned restaurants, casinos, and hotels in the world. Headquartered in New York City, with offices in Dallas, Las Vegas and Chicago, the company is led by former hospitality professionals, including CFOs, chefs, owners, sommeliers, and operators.

Avero Slingshot is a cloud-based, SaaS analytics platform that takes the mounds of data you contend with each day and delivers back clear, simple and actionable insights. Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, Slingshot takes the guess work out of daily decision making, helping you to control your costs and increase restaurant sales for optimal profitability.

All you need is internet access and dynamic operational insights are just a few clicks away. The intuitive design of Avero’s report generator gives you the flexibility to view your data exactly how you need to, without relying on IT resources. You can set custom date ranges and filter data by meal period, revenue center, employee class and more to get a day, a week or a year’s worth of figures on the fly.

Mobile App
Avero Mobile is an App designed for the hospitality industry, giving F&B operators immediate access to complete operational data. You’ll love the sleek interface which takes you right to the heart of your data. Charts and graphs highlight key insights and changing a date range or meal period takes just a swipe. Use Siri to enter your Logbook entries with your voice. As with all Avero products, you can drill down to get deeper into the numbers.

The power is yours, and now it is in the palm of your hand wherever you go. You no longer need to be tethered to the back office, or even on site, to run your business. You will save time, be more productive and feel more in control.

Avero Mobile is a free companion for all Avero Slingshot customers, and is available for the iPad and iPhone on the App Store.

Sales and Productivity Module
This module makes it easy to navigate your POS data to reveal the true drivers of your sales. Analyze your business across several dimensions, including categories, items, and payment types and drill down to individual transactions. Also, spend less time the back office and more time on the floor as we automate tedious, but critical, tasks.

Optimize your menu by selling more of what is hot and cutting what is not with at-a-glance sales trends and Product Mix report.
Drive average check by easily executing contests to incentivize sales and energize staff.
Assess how a local concert or televised sporting event impacts your business.
Filter any analysis by Revenue Center, Meal Period and several other dimensions.
Quickly create trends to see how your sales are changing over time, or comparisons to see performance over last year.
Know what’s happening even when you are not around with Avero Logbook.
Sell more, waste less. Use past item sales data for forecasts with Avero Prep Calculator.
Find checks in an instant with Avero Check Search.
Available on the Slingshot web application and Avero Mobile for iOS and Android.
Service Team Module
The Avero Slingshot Service Team Module helps you focus on the service staff that needs you most so you can enhance the guest experience:

Command a deep understanding of the performance of every server on your team with a clear yet comprehensive Server Scorecard.
Pinpoint the behaviors that drive a high average check and incorporate them into your operating procedures.
Initiate targeted server training and mentoring programs for under-performing restaurant staff.
Develop mentors and incorporate some of their best practices across the service staff.
Better serve high-revenue groups like large parties and VIPs by allocating servers based on metrics like average check, turn time and tip percentage by party size.
Track down voids and promotions with a click to catch training needs early and deter fraud and theft.
The experience you desire for your guests can be delivered consistently, and profitably, with the help of the Avero Slingshot Service Team Module.

Loss Prevention
Avero’s patent-pending product detects even the most sophisticated scams by monitoring and scoring every FOH employee across 7 unique ‘watch’ types, making it the most comprehensive theft solution on the market.

“On the very first day we started using Avero Loss Prevention, it alerted us to suspicious behavior in one of our restaurants.

The alerts are clear and easy to understand and they enable my managers to quickly drill down to the check level detail to understand root cause. We are able to identify abnormal behaviors and the servers responsible for them in minutes and can determine if remedial action is needed.”

Dan McGowan
Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises

Additional Modules
Additional modules are also available including Labor, Promos & Voids, Budgeting, Hourly and Server Mentoring.