EMV & Secure Credit Processing


EMV WITH FUTURE POS: Future POS clients will need to upgrade to the latest version of the Point of Sale software to take advantage of EMV, P2PE and NFC solutions. They will be partnering with a Preferred Partner to handle encrypting data and processing these transactions. Steps needed to complete this setup for Future POS include:

Upgrading your POS software to the latest version. (May require hardware upgrade)
Enrolling with the Preferred Payment Processor
Purchasing new card swipe / pin pad devices to handle EMV and P2PE

Future POS is currently certified with one Preferred Partner and has others in the certification process. TTS will communicate options to all of our Future POS clients. They are also programming direct interfaces (without a gateway) – but this is a lengthy and expensive process. For that reason, only select processors will be directly supported in the newer versions of Future POS.