The eyes behind your head.

Let’s face it! None of us want to believe that our employees are capable of stealing, but the truth is 75 percent of all inventory shrinkage happens as a result of theft – most of it by your own employees. These losses exceed 20 billion a year, according to The National Restaurant Association.

Remote Eyes, a pioneer in digital video surveillance equipment since 1997 fully integrates with your Future POS system giving you that extra level of security.

Trigger Technology Systems has several different camera options and price platforms when considering a video management surveillance system.  Call us today for a free system analysis.


Reduce Employee Theft

POS transaction data embedded in your video archive provides irrefutable evidence to crack down on employee theft of cash, liquor, or other merchandise.

Invest in Your Business

Use broadband to connect to your stores from anywhere. See, hear, talk to, and receive data from your stores no matter where you are with the Remote Eyes hospitality surveillance system!

Manage Your Operations

Use broadband Internet to connect to your restaurant locations from anywhere. Daily operating reports tell you how many customers you served during each hour of operation, how much revenue you generated, and how much profit you earned!

We care about the success of your business.

Trigger Technology System experts ensure you get the highest quality products and services essential for your establishment.